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Help Progressive Candidates WIN

Please help us do our part here in Jacksonville, and in Florida, to impact the outcome of elections in the most positive way possible.

IM Mandarin Votes Graphic.png

The Mandarin Votes Fund This is the fund that supports our core mission this year. It is to be used for Indivisible Mandarin campaign materials, such as the voter guide we have produced in previous elections, mailings, and anything else we do on behalf of candidates. This is a fund specifically for Indivisible Mandarin, and we decide how to use the money. The account is affiliated with Duval Dems so that we can use the money without incorporating our group and without restrictions on partisan activity. As a volunteer-driven organization, you can be assured that your donation will only be used in the manner stated above.

The link to contribute to The Mandarin Votes Fund is:

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