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A great day of canvassing! Some of the doors I knocked were in senior housing, and the people who answered the door were keenly interested in learning about August's School Board Election and thanked me for coming to see them. One lady was so excited she hugged me!

At the other end of the age spectrum were people in their 20’s, who were glad to know about the election and the issues of concern in this school board race. One person told me he had just gotten his Ph.D., “so I think education is really important.” Another person, part of a family of immigrants, not all of whom were fluent in English, listened and was clearly going to explain the school board issues to her other family members. Someone even came to the door in a towel (!) but listened as I told them about the election. All of them eagerly agreed to tell their friends about the importance of voting.

And then there was the woman who is on the staff of the Duval County School District, but didn’t know that elections for School Board are coming up! She is a STEM resource person, getting science teachers the training and equipment they need to do an effective job for students. She eagerly took on the task of informing her colleagues about the election.

All in all, it was a great day!


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