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Jax GOTV Summit: Cooperation & Commitment on Display

There was an incredible amount of energy in the room for last week's Joyful Resistance: Together, We Win! GOTV Summit! Fifty-two representatives from 29 community organizations and advocacy groups gathered to strategize about ways they could work together to engage and motivate Black & Hispanic voters, young voters, and voters who signed petitions to get abortion and adult recreational marijuana use on the ballot.

Author and political expert Steve Phillips set the stage with opening remarks, followed by breakout sessions where participants rolled up their sleeves and brainstormed about ways to overcome the barriers that keep key groups from voting. A closing panel featuring statewide voting experts and activists provided a call to action, citing the high stakes of the 2024 election.

Enjoy the summit in 60 seconds, and view Phillip's presentation here. The summit was hosted by BAM, Indivisible Mandarin, and Indivisible Jax Riverside in partnership with the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, Florida for All, and Floridians for Democracy. A follow-up meeting to plan implementation activities is scheduled for June 18th.


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