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The Joys of Canvassing

These are the things I like most about canvassing: Getting to talk to like-minded people. Hearing their views on the topics that are foremost in our minds - education, reproductive rights, LBGTQ rights, voting, and climate change. Letting them know about the August election when most of them were unaware of it or why it's important. Hearing over and over again that they will vote and will encourage their families and friends to vote. Hearing the passion in their voices for our democracy and the importance of protecting it with out votes. And walking through neighborhoods that I've never visited before.

 Yep. All of it.

This past Monday, Gloria and I talked to a couple whose fenced-in yard had No Trespassing signs, signs we didn't see until it was too late as we couldn't safely back out onto a very busy road.  But as soon as the owner found out we were Dems and what we were doing, he was all smiles! He wife came out to join in as he was telling us he's a dedicated Democrat. And then he looked at her and said with a laugh, "She's a Republican!" The look on her face! "I am not!" was her immediate, fervent reply which brought grins and more laughter. We probably talked for 10 minutes and they invited back again to visit. They vote and they vote for Dems!

At another house, a fellow answered the door and we found out that the young woman on our list was his daughter who had moved out after getting married. Again, we talked to him at least five minutes and he shared how much he and his wife are against funding charter and private schools. They feel strongly that the funds should only be spent on public schools. He and his wife are concerned about voting rights and laws that target specific groups like POC and LBGTQI. They, too, will vote in both elections and they'll share the information we brought with their daughter who still lives in Duval County. Four more votes, counting the new husband. 

There were others, too, that were a delight to talk to. Easy conversations with people who care about the same things we all care about.  

We see the impact of canvassing as we watch people's faces and hear the sincerity in their voices as we talk about our upcoming elections. Our couple of hours of walking about neighborhoods has garnered votes for all Dems and solidified their desire to see Democrats win the elections this year. 

Can't wait to do it again!


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