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A Happy Encounter

Canvassing is full of small (and big) happy surprises.  Yesterday, while I was canvassing, I spoke with a couple who were very enthusiastic about Travis Akers, who is running for Duval County School Board. They were excited by the fact that they had moved to our District from the Beaches, and therefore could vote for him.  They were so enthusiastic that I offered them a Travis Akers yard sign, which they happily accepted. 


While walking to my car to get the sign, one of their neighbors came out to walk their dog. The neighbor spoke up to say that they know Travis, support his campaign, and also wanted a sign. There was a problem, though - I only had one sign.  The two neighbors agreed, laughingly, that the person who initially requested the sign, got the sign.  The other neighbor didn’t go away empty-handed, though, as they were given a Travis Akers campaign button. Bumper stickers (of which there were plenty!) were handed out as well.  


Even though it was a lovely encounter, I didn't expect Travis to hear about it.  However, the neighbor sent the text pictured below to Travis.  By the time we contacted him to get more campaign materials a couple of hours later, he had forwarded the text to us.


Travis has warmly stated his appreciation for Indivisible Mandarin and the time we spend canvassing for him.  It is a pleasure to tell people the many things which show what a good candidate he is and have them understand why we are so excited about his campaign. And, by the way, we have plenty of yard signs now - just ask!


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